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    Trainings are organized into separate courses with lots of working code examples and exercises.

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Trainings for developers

  • Akka Typed Fundamentals (Java/Scala)

    One of the biggest drawbacks of Akka Actors - the lack of type safety is finally addressed. Since 2.6.0 release Akka Typed is stable and recommended as the default choice when working with Akka stack. Let's explore important patterns and takeaways we've learned while introducing typed actors to our system.

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  • Performance tests with Gatling

    Gatling fundamentals for performance testing.

    Training focuses on practical approach - you'll work on a real web application, cover it with tests and detect performance problems. You'll dive deep into the stress tests theory and will recognize the most common mistakes and learn how to avoid them when measuring performance.

    Next to Apache JMeter and Locust, Gatling is one of the most popular performance testing tool. It offers solutions where other tools fail to deliver. With Gatling you can create a very readable, easy to maintain and composable performance tests. It also requires less resources to generate the appropriate load, which is a significant feature when testing cloud solutions.

    Gatling uses Scala, but knowledge of this language is not necessary to join the training.

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Trainings for development teams

  • Reactive Event Sourcing with Akka Persistence (Java/Scala)

    Event Sourcing is one of the most interesting patterns in application design. Implementation of ES affects different levels of the system thus the concept is often linked to the software architecture.

    If you're curious whether Event Sourcing will really solve your problems, how to start building solutions based on ES, how to improve existing solution with ES or how to avoid classic mistakes? This workshop will save you a lot of time and nerves

    The training focuses not only on ES itself, but also on many other aspects of building distributed systems. The practical part can be carried out in Scala or Java depending on the needs of the group.

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  • Akka Streams

    Stream processing is a hot topic today and it's easy to get lost among all the possibilities. In this live coding session we will explore the Reactive Streams approach used by the Akka Streams project. On an almost real-life example we're going to walk through both the basics and some more advanced usages of the library.

    In this live coding session we're also going to explore the possibilities that Alpakka - a set of connectors for Akka Streams - offers to fetch data from various data sources and send it to different destinations. Using those, you're going to learn, on a working example, how to build a reactive integration layer with the help of Akka Streams - one of the most popular Reactive Streams implementations

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Mentors and Experts

  • Michał Matłoka

    IT Dev (Scala), Consultant, Speaker & Trainer | #ApacheKafka #KafkaStreams #ApacheCassandra #Lightbend Certified

  • Jacek Kunicki

    Passionate software engineer and experienced conference speaker.

  • Andrzej Ludwikowski

    Scala Engineer, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer. Certified: Reactive Architect, Cassandra Architect, Kafka Developer

  • Michał Mital

    Java Geek with foreign language learning passion.

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  • “I rank Kafka training by Michał Matłoka 5 out of 5.”

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