What will you learn?

  • API actors basics

    Let's play with the new actors API, walk through the basics of behaviors, learn about actor lifecycle, supervision, scheduling and other fundamental concepts.

  • What about the classical approach?

    As Akka reached a broad adoption on production systems, its users identified quite a few pain points that needed to be addressed. Let's practice how to leverage the new supervision model, improved actor lifecycle handling, refined timers and many more enhancements. During this workshop you will explore important patterns and takeaways we've learned while introducing typed actors to our system.

  • When?

    All-day online workshop on June 12th (Zoom platform). You will receive a link in the confirmation email. Limit of participants - 15 people.

Workshop description

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    Basic knowledge of Scala language. No previous knowledge of Akka stack is required, although users experienced with Classical Akka will also benefit from this workshop.

    Limit: 15 participants


    Andrzej Ludwikowski, Krzysztof Ciesielski


    1. Actor Model: basic theory
    2. disadvantages of untyped actors
    3. spawning actors
    4. sender() vs replyTo
    5. actor behaviors
    6. testing
    7. typed actor lifecycle
    8. designing actor API
    9. error handling and supervision
    10. creating and managing child actors
    11. timers
    12. spawning protocol receptionist pattern
    13. typed and untyped actors coexistence (optional)
    14. stash (optional)
    15. dispatchers (optional)

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  • Krzysztof Ciesielski

  • Andrzej Ludwikowski

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