What will you learn?

  • Practical knowledge

    The training is geared towards practical exercises on an existing web application that needs to be cover with performance tests. Participants will also discover and analyze the most common performance bottlenecks.

  • Why Gatling?

    Gatling is a free tool for performance and automation tests, which allows to create very readable, easy to maintain, and composable tests. Beside testing HTTP endpoints you can also use Gatling for testing WebSockets, JMS and other systems since this tool is very pluggable.

  • When?

    Online workshop is coming soon. Join the mailing list and be the first to learn about the schedule and other details.

  • How to join?

    Would you like to learn the ins and outs of Gatling? Send us an email to academy@softwaremill.com. We'll work out the details and send you a dedicated workshop plan for you and your team.

Workshop description

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    1. Performance tests - theoretical basics
      • environment preparation, monitoring, logging, profiling
      • metrics - how to successfully compare the performance tests results and not to be fooled by the statistics
      • errors found in popular performance testing tools, such as the Coordinated Omission problem
    2. Sbt and Scala projects - basics
      • installation and configuration of basic tools
      • creating a new project with Gatling
      • project import to IDE (IntelliJ IDEA)
      • basic sbt commands for working with Gatling and Scala
    3. Gatling - basics
      • architecture
      • tool comparison (JMeter, Selenium)
      • creating and running the first test scenario
    4. Automatic test generation based on http traffic
      • Gatling Recorder - configuration and connection
    5. Advanced Gatling functions
      • response validations
      • loops, conditional expression, randomness
      • virtual user session
      • error handling in responses
    6. Test quality
      • improving modularity, reusability, test composition
      • test maintainability and adaptability
    7. Production traffic simulation
      • generating test data
      • advanced traffic control generated by Gatling
    8. Performance test results
      • generating html reports with the results
      • useful metrics and charts
      • throughput vs latency
    9. Distributed tests
      • generating the maximum load from multiple machines simultaneously with Gatling
      • collecting and processing the results
      • alternative automation tools for distributed testing
    10. Asynchronous tests (optional)
      • asynchronous tests flow problems
      • testing WebSocket
      • testing JMS

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  • Andrzej Ludwikowski

Andrzej Ludwikowski - trainer

  • “The training is geared towards practical exercises on an existing web application.”

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