19 Best Tech Conferences in Europe in 2024

Anna Zabłotna

15 Feb 2024.9 minutes read

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Searching for self-development opportunities can be challenging and time-consuming, as it involves sifting through various resources to find the right fit for your personal and professional growth. To ease this process, we've compiled a curated list of tech conferences that offer valuable insights, networking opportunities, and skill-building sessions tailored to diverse interests and industries. Whether you're interested in technology, entrepreneurship, or personal development, these conferences provide a platform to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills in a focused and efficient manner.

With valuable insights from SoftwareMill's engineers, I've compiled a curated selection of must-attend best tech conferences in Europe for this year.

1. Mobile World Congress

26-29 February, Barcelona Spain
mobile world congress

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona is the annual event for the global connectivity ecosystem, attracting industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers. It's an essential platform for anyone involved in mobile technology, from operators to manufacturers and tech enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity for thought leadership, business development, and forging significant connections in the tech world.


6th March, Zurich Switzerland
20-22 March, Bucharest Romania
21-22 May, Brussels Belgium
voxxed days conference

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Voxxed Days is driven and backed by local communities, ensuring that while each tech event maintains its distinct local essence, it still belongs to the larger collective of events. The core values of this series of events include openness, community involvement, outstanding content, and highly affordable ticket prices. The range of subjects spans Java, Cloud, Computing, AI, Frontend Development, Programming Languages, Architectural Design, Security Measures, Methodological Approaches, Cultural Insights, and Emerging Technologies.

3. Kafka Summit London

19-20 March, London United Kingdom
kafka summit london

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Connect with developers, architects, data engineers, DevOps professionals, and software thought leaders from around the world. Discover best practices, learn how to build next-generation systems, and delve deep into the latest data streaming technologies - including cloud-native event streaming services and generative AI - that are shaping the future of data streaming. This premier event for the Apache Kafka community is an excellent opportunity to stay on top of what's new and next in the ever-evolving world of data streaming.


21-22 March, Warsaw Poland
scalar conference

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The biggest event in Central Europe focused on Scala language. You should definitely consider being part of the Scalar conference as it offers more than just two days of learning about functional programming. It is a great experience where you can meet experienced IT experts, participate in the workshops, make friends with like-minded people and gain valuable insights. The conference features a single-track format, ensuring you don't miss any presentations and have many networking opportunities.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Scala language at Scalar!

This year's conference is all about celebration. Join this event for an unforgettable gathering of industry professionals and the esteemed designer of Scala, Martin Odersky. Let's honor Scala’s enduring impact and exciting evolution together!

5. QCon Software Development Conferences

8-10 April, London United Kingdom
qcon software development conferences

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QCon London is an international software development conference that offers a unique opportunity for senior software developers and technical leaders to uncover emerging trends in the industry. By attending, you'll gain insight into how early adopter companies are navigating these new waters, allowing you to make informed decisions for your own projects. The conference invites you to learn about the latest trends, explore practical use cases, and implement best practices gleaned from experts at the forefront of software innovation. Join the QCon London community to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of software development.

6. International JavaScript Conference

8-11 April, London United Kingdom & ONLINE
International JavaScript Conference

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Spanning a wide array of topics from Angular and React to WebAssembly, and from Progressive Web Apps to the JAMstack approach, event brings together global specialists to share their insights on the current landscape and future trajectories of JavaScript and related technologies. This 4-day conference is a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring an extensive lineup of workshops, in-depth sessions, and inspiring keynotes delivered by over 40 esteemed speakers from across the globe. Dive deep into the latest trends, best practices, and innovative solutions that are shaping the world of web development today and in the future. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this conference is an ideal platform to expand your skill set, network with peers, and ignite your passion for software development.

7. Devoxx

17-18 April, Paris France
18-20 April, Athens Greece
8-10 May, London United Kingdom
19-21 June, Cracow Poland
7-11 October, Antwerp Belgium

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Devoxx is driven by the community, consisting of experienced developers, user group leaders, and dedicated specialists. It aims to deliver a top-tier technology conference where enthusiastic developers can connect, collaborate, find inspiration, and enhance their skills. Explore a wide range of topics focused on Big Data & AI, Security, Programming Languages, Java & JVM, and Development Practices.

8. AWS Summit Berlin

15-16 May, Berlin Germany
AWS Summit Berlin Germany

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Get ready for the AWS Summit Berlin! It's a free in person event that showcases how cloud technology is helping businesses innovate. You'll learn about the AWS platform's capabilities through informative sessions, expert-led discussions, and workshops. Whether you're an experienced AWS user or a newcomer, this summit is for you. You'll have the chance to network, engage, and broaden your understanding of AWS.

9. VIVA Technology

22-25 May, Paris France
VIVA Technology Conference

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It's 'the world's rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation.' A tech conference and expo with over 150 000 visitors, 2800 exhibitors and technology providers, 4 incredible stages featuring 500 world-renowned speakers. Experience the excitement of hearing from tech leaders, policymakers, researchers, decision makers and founders as they share their insights on today's most noteworthy topics and latest tech trends.


20-21 May, Vilnius Lithuania
23-24 May ,ONLINE

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A prestigious software development conference that gathers top international speakers and developers to foster innovation and excellence within the software community. Tech event focuses on the latest in emerging technologies and best practices across various platforms and languages, steering clear of commercial bias. Attendees gain insights from global professionals and local peers, enhancing their knowledge in a hype-free environment.

11. Lambda Days

27-28 May, Cracow Poland
Lambda Days

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For years, this tech conference has been a meeting point for the functional programming world, blending academic theories with industry practices to offer innovative approaches for all skill levels. Dive into established languages like Scala, Erlang, and Haskell, feel the vibrancy of F# and Elixir, network with technology experts in Elm, Luna, and Ocaml, and get unique insights of the future of programming.

12. Dublin Tech Summit

29-30 May, Dublin Ireland
Dublin Tech Summit

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This event is a key gathering for technology enthusiasts, providing a platform for over 200 international tech visionaries and influencers to share insights on Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, cyber security, startups, digital transformation, and more. It offers attendees a unique opportunity to explore the latest in technological innovation and network with industry leaders. Tech conference provides a unique opportunity to hear from a diverse group of keynote speakers and successful individuals.

13. London Tech Week

10-14 June, London United Kingdom
London Tech Week

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London Tech Week unites global tech innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs, along with leading multinational organizations using technology to tackle major global challenges. It's a hub where over 90 countries converge, blending the global tech scene with London's rich investment, innovation, and talent landscape. This year, the event levels up with a new location at Olympia London, offering an enhanced experience for investors, startups, scaleups, and tech leaders alike. Attendees will depart with fresh inspiration and actionable insights aimed at forging a brighter future.

14. TNW The Next Web Conference

20-21 June, Amsterdam Netherlands
TNW The Next Web Conference

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The 2024 conference is all about connecting technology with today's and future social issues. It is one event that's designed to bring together leaders, new businesses, and investors from all over to work on making the future fairer, more sustainable, and inclusive. The event is unique because it combines the learning aspect of a tech conference with the fun vibe of a festival, encouraging attendees to do business, learn, network, and have a good time.

15. European Woman in Technology

26-27 June, Amsterdam Netherlands
European Woman in Technology

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This two day conference is about making a big impact and highlighting the leaders of tomorrow.
Conference sessions are recognized as the power platform for the Women in Tech community in Europe, serving as the central hub for networking and collaboration. It centers around the theme "Digital X Human," looking at how tech and human skills together can create a better, fairer world. Plus, you can attend Women in Tech World Series upcoming events in Amsterdam, Boston, London, San Francisco, and Texas.

16. AI & Big Data Expo

1-2.10 Amsterdam Netherlands
AI & Big Data Expo

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During this Expo dozens of speakers from a variety of industries are scheduled to converge to deliberate on the most recent advancements in the realms of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This transformative event will serve as a platform for displaying cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, providing a chance to investigate and understand how the practical and effective application of AI and Big Data can propel businesses forward in 2024 and beyond.

17. Web Summit

11-14 November, Lisbon Portugal
Web Summit

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The world’s premier tech conference, where the future goes to be born

Glastonbury for geeks

Web Summit is distinguished as one of the most prestigious technology events in Europe, attracting top-tier speakers and industry professionals from around the world. Attendees are poised to encounter numerous influential and motivational figures, immerse themselves in extensive exhibitions covering a broad spectrum of technological fields, and uncover a plethora of emerging startups and venture capitalists. You have to be there if you are an ambitious enterprise technology professional and want to be updated with the latest trends.

18. ADC Audio Developer Conference

11-13 November, Bristol United Kingdom & ONLINE
ADC Audio Developer Conference

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The Audio Developers Conference (ADC24) is embracing a hybrid model this year, combining live in-person interactions in Bristol, UK, with a virtual experience. This format ensures that keynotes, panels, and workshops are accessible to all attendees, whether they're participating online or on-site. The inclusion of ADC Workshops in the main schedule, available to both virtual and physical participants, highlights ADC24's commitment to fostering a globally inclusive community of audio developers, industry experts, technology providers, educators, and students, facilitating a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas across the audio sector.

19. Immersive Tech Week

2-6 December, Rotterdam Romania
Immersive Tech Week

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Dive into the world of Virtual Reality, AR, AI, and many more next generation technologies. Whether you're passionate about Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, Arts, Creative Industries, Media, latest innovations, Sustainability, Ethical Considerations, or AI, this big tech next conference is for you!
Engage with interactive exhibits, experience the latest devices and headsets firsthand, and gain insights from leading figures in the industry. Be part of this remarkable festivity where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and experience the future in a way you've never imagined!

Wrap up

Whether you're seeking to break the monotony of your daily routine, hunting for your next big opportunity, or simply looking to be part of a community that speaks your language, a tech conference has something valuable to offer, making it an indispensable venture for any programmer aiming to stay relevant and inspired. This can be a great opportunity to learn about new products and technology that can help you in your work. Plus, there's often free product trials and conference SWAG ;)

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