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Providing a holistic scientific approach to your Machine Learning project with Science as a Service

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  • Science as a Service

    The ReasonField Lab Team combines engineering skills with an applied scientific approach to bring you machine learning solutions that solve your problems and provide the best possible results.

  • From idea to solution

    Quickly learn whether Machine Learning meets your expectations and decide on the next steps. Starting from a short workshop with our experts, through a prototype solution, to a complete result tailored to your needs.

  • ML that gets results

    We deliver end-to-end solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and predictive analysis. We apply diverse strategies and algorithms that ensure a high accuracy and precision.

  • Quality of engineering

    At every stage of our project, we take care of the full security of the data provided, both in legal and technological terms. Our systems are efficient and meet the highest usability and scalability standards.

E-Book: One of our published, peer-reviewed papers

A phenomenon called “land abandonment” is a non-deliberate stop in using a given area for agriculture. You may think that it’s unlikely in modern times, but it does happen still. Studying it is important, both for agriculture and for ecology.

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