DevOps as a Service: automate in the cloud

Deliver quality software products through collaboration between development and operations teams.

What you get with our DevOps experts

  • Cloud expertise

    Go cloud-native. We are the official partner of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. We can help you choose your cloud and accelerate your software deployment and delivery processes.

  • Kubernetes

    Code once and run anywhere while our DevOps experts streamline the development. We have hands-on knowledge and experience working with production workloads in Docker and EKS & GKE & AKS.

  • Engineers & experts

    We are no strangers to, and use daily: Amazon EC2, S3, Fargate, Lambda, GCP Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, PubSub, Azure DevOps & more.

  • Gain reliability

    Move as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. With a dedicated DevOps team you can be sure of speed of development and delivery while enforcing continuity.

  • Do everything as code

    Scale when necessary and make sure your software is easily auditable and portable. We have vast experience with DevOps tools and follow the Everything as code (EaC) approach to define and manage your IT resources.

  • Gain platform engineering

    Empower your developers to respond to the needs of the business in near real-time. Our DevOps experts remove the latency around your software development by building a centralised platform for testing, deployment, and production.

Grzegorz Kocur Principal DevOps Engineer II
Marek Rośkowicz Senior DevOps Engineer II
Mariusz Walczyk Senior DevOps Engineer II
Adam Pietrzykowski Senior DevOps Engineer I