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How we work

Transparency and engineering excellence are our priorities

We go beyond just executing tasks, taking care of business-development collaboration to improve your business through the right tech solutions.

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Remote project management

Remote-first from day one

We've been a remote-first company from day one and use proven remote practices to organize and accelerate your software project delivery.

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Kamil "Rudy" Dobrzyński
Head of Engineering, Uncapped

"The team members have deep expertise in multiple areas so they really contributed to the overall shape of the product."

Software Architect

"In a show of flexibility, SoftwareMill was able to adapt to the management style of their clients. Their contribution to the software development aided the productivity of other teams. They are a highly knowledgeable and communicative group."

VP of Engineering
Health analytics company

"SoftwareMill consistently provides communicative, skilled resources who are able to work within the business' tech stack and produce high-quality products, which has been advantageous."

Daniel Pfeiffer
VP of Engineering, Firstbird

"Thanks to the SoftwareMill team, the company was able to improve their technical foundation, making maintenance a much easier process moving forward. As a result, they are able to meet their customer's functionality requirements."

Leonardo Taccari
Cloud Architect,

"SoftwareMill worked with to quickly bring up infrastructure in our very early stage for multiple environments on multiple AWS accounts based on Kubernetes. After several years we ended up in a disaster and accidentally lost several Kubernetes namespaces. Most of our workload do not use any Persistent Volume and so it is mostly stateless. Thanks for setting up good GitOps practice they were just recovered themself. However, in a namespace we had Nexus that stored its artifacts on a persistent volume. Such artifacts are also used by some of our clients and hence pretty critical. SoftwareMill setup backup/restore solutions via Velero that we (mostly) happily ignored for the past years. It was a pleasure to discover that and being able to restore the namespace in literally a couple of minutes!"

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We simply deliver - see the results for yourself

Our system development projects have a successful track record, lasting an average of 3-5 years with returning clients.

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Migrating SMS Gateway service to the AWS Cloud

Overall traffic handling capacity was increased, critical components and processes were optimized.

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Real-Time insights into customers online behaviour

A switch from the existing batch-based system to a data streaming platform built up on mature tools.

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Energy meets Big Data

We helped to build a big data system capable of processing and analysing huge amounts of data daily.

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High-performance SMS broker

Fail-safe and efficient system with high bandwidth.

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