Private blockchain for your business

We help you identify and implement the most appropriate blockchain solutions for your goals. Modernize and automate business processes with designed for your needs distributed ledger with a high level of security, privacy, and performance.

Blockchain services we offer

  • Blockchain custom software

    Save time and money by automating business operations. Gain control over the data you share with your business partners and ensure more privacy with fine grained permission control enabled by the DLT technology.

  • Private Blockchain PoC

    Want to test out your idea? The Blockchain workshop run by our engineers will help you determine its feasibility and practical potential. Based on your business requirements, we will develop a working blockchain network with initial smart contracts and REST API.

  • Additional services

    We are distributed systems experts. Our engineers are skilled in consulting and development of production-ready bespoke software. While creating new applications, we always focus on scalability and efficiency of our solutions.

  • Blockchain products

    Use our customizable, white label, blockchain products to implement blockchain solutions for asset tokenization, durable medium and supply chain.

  • HyperLedger Fabric

    Our tool of choice is Hyperledger Fabric. It is enterprise ready blockchain framework designed for implementing private blockchain networks. Its modular and versatile design fits the needs of various industry use cases. Check out Hyperledger Fabric Cheat Sheet.

We are blockchain enthusiasts

Besides consulting and developing commercial blockchain solutions, we are involved in the blockchain community. We contribute by developing open source projects and sharing our know-how at IT events and on our blog.

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E-Book: Blockchain Adoption Kit

In this ebook you will learn:

  • The experts perspective on the future of blockchain
  • What questions to ask before blockchain adoption
  • How to find the right tech partner to put your idea into life

Blockchain is the first native digital medium for peer-to peer value exchange and can revolutionize the process for operating in various business areas, if the right problem is addressed with the right technology.

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