Scala & Akka

Scala and Akka, rooted in JVM ecosystem, give us tools to write clean, scalable and fault-proof applications.

Scala & Akka software development services we offer

  • Project Development

    Scala’s flexibility offers a lot in terms of creating abstractions and hence modelling various business domains. We build on the solid foundations of Scala and Akka which powers a significant portion of business-critical applications.

  • Distributed Systems

    One of the main areas, where Scala is especially useful, are backend and distributed systems. Frameworks such as Akka and Akka Streams, concurrency libraries such as Monix and ZIO, and data processing systems like Kafka and Spark, create a rich ecosystem, providing a solid foundation for developing scalable, resilient and performant applications.

  • Event Sourcing

    Need the freedom to adapt systems to your business needs? Your applications require a detailed audit log? Or maybe traditional data storage approaches fail to scale with your data volume? Concurrent systems implemented with Akka Persistence and built on event-driven architecture achieve high performance with scale-out capabilities, keeping the business domain at the center at all times.

  • Project Design

    When producing software our whole team has the big picture in mind. We are focused on delivering a working product while maintaining transparent communication and Agile project methodology.

  • Consulting & Mentoring

    We are a consulting partner of Lightbend, Confluent and Datastax. Our skills have been proven by numerous commercial projects. Need functional programming consulting? Code reviews and mentoring for Scala, Akka? Defining the architecture of a distributed, event-driven system? We are here to help.

Our self-organized teams of developers are responsible end-to-end for the projects. Transparency is our priority.

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