Customer testimonials mean the world to us

Jan Zborowski

11 Aug 2020.2 minutes read

SoftwareMill was featured in TOP3 Polish software development companies by Clutch, an independent reference aggregating platform. It wouldn’t be possible without many customers who decided to share their opinions on working with SoftwareMill’s engineers, e.g. Jakob Dobrzynski, CTO of

I'm very pleased with how well our cooperation [with SoftwareMill] works and I think that if you are satisfied with a product or company you should share it with others so that the company could benefit from it.

Jakob reached out to us in 2018 when he was looking to scale his efforts quickly, but he had difficulty finding suitable talents in Sweden. He hired SoftwareMill to provide remote staff augmentation for his review platform.

SoftwareMill provides with Scala stack along with Postgres and Elasticsearch services. Our engineers are responsible for fixing the existing code and developing new features while working with the frontend and the backend of the platform.

Here you can find more details and the case study about Jakob’s project.

Would you like to learn more about Jakob’s experience of working with SoftwareMill engineers? Please have a look at a short interview video with Jakob or read the text version below.

Video Text Version

  1. What’s the main value that SoftwareMill brings to your project?

Knowledge and Experience.

They have broad knowledge about programming and frameworks. That combined with their experience allows them to solve the tasks at hand even though the business aspect isn't always so easy to understand at first.

Also, if there is something my SoftwareMill guys don't know, they have the SoftwareMill community that is always eager to help or point in the right direction.

  1. Why have you decided to recommend SoftwareMill?

I'm very pleased with how well our cooperation works and I think that if you are satisfied with a product or company you should share it with others so that the company could benefit from it. This is basically the idea of =)

  1. What changed for the better when you started working with SoftwareMill?

A lot of things:

  • the quality of code
  • architectural decisions by challenging existing solutions
  • development pace
  1. What did you fear the most before our cooperation which turned out to work smoothly?

How our communication would be and if I would be able to explain the tasks and projects.

I was also afraid that the Team feeling would be close to nothing and it would be a little bit like sending requirements and getting code back but that is the case. The guys feel like part of the team with daily standups and the guys do not only feel like resources, but we can laugh, talk about life and other things that do not concern the work. That is important to me. Even though the guys keep it professional 99.9% of the time.

  1. How does working remotely with SoftwareMill affect your project?

More preparation is required to explain the task at hand but it's a win-win situation, the better I can explain it to them the more I have to think about what actually needs to be done and a lot of questions can be answered before they arise.

More preparation equals better quality on the other end.

The only thing that is missing is that we can't grab a bear spontaneously and talk about casual things outside of work.

We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our customers. Drop us a line if you’d like to collaborate on a project with us. Let’s do great things together!

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