Backend Development

The right technology works for your business. We take care of the entire programming life cycle helping you achieve industry-specific goals.

Custom software by true engineers, you see the results after each iteration

  • Reliable systems architecture

    We are binding business with system architecture. By taking care of the entire programming life cycle when creating a data-intensive applications that are tailored to your industry-specific goals.

  • High throughput systems

    Efficient implementations of high throughput applications. We scale your business through software: conducting digital transformation, implementing event sourcing and creating data processing pipelines.

  • Advanced web applications

    Our self-sufficient development teams are able to quickly approach complex business domains. We build on the traditional engineering work ethics and values, which translate directly to the quality of our systems.

  • Full stack custom software development

    Effective service oriented and event driven solutions. We specialize in Java, Scala, Akka, the Lightbend Reactive Platform, Kafka, Spark, TensorFlow, SQL & NoSQL databases: PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Mongo, Node.JS and React.

E-Book: Hello, we are SoftwareMill

What will you learn?

  • The secret sauce of who we are at SoftwareMill.
  • Testimonials and case studies of our past projects.
  • The ways we operate and help our clients thrive.

We are recognized in the community as a leading consultancy chosen for digital transformation.

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