SoftwareMill goes to Devoxx 2013

Adam Warski

05 Nov 2013.1 minute read

It is almost a tradition that a large representation from our company attends
Devoxx, the biggest Java conference in Europe.

This year we are going with a strong team of 7 people
Adam and
joined by some friends from the Warsaw JUG and others. (So expect an even larger
Polish representation!)

Let us know if you'd like to:

↠ talk about CodeBrag

↠ get a "I'm proud of my code" sticker (we'll have "I'm proud ..." or the colorful
"Chrum" t-shirts)

↠ find out more about SoftwareMill and how it is to work at a
fully distributed company

↠ chat about any of the technologies we are using (Scala, Akka, Java) (or
anything technology-related, in fact).

Moreover, I'll be giving two presentations at the conference:

ElasticMQ: a fully asynchronous, Akka-based Amazon SQS server

(Wednesday, 13:10-13:25, Room 9)
The quickie will be an introduction to using ElasticMQ when testing
applications which leverage SQS. We'll also see how to implement a fast http service using
Spray, Akka and Scala without a single blocking operation, and take a look at some
helpful constructs and patterns.

The ideal module system and the harsh reality

(Wednesday, 17:50-18:50, Room 9)
We'll go through some of the core properties that we might
want a good module system to have, and shortly see how current solutions corresponds
to these requirements. We'll also take a closer look at java packages, their
relation to module systems, and how we can improve modularity of our code today
using Veripacks or Ceylon.

See you on Devoxx!


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