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Maria Kucharczyk

20 Nov 2023.5 minutes read

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Machine learning is gaining momentum. Its global market size is expected to amount to USD 225.91 billion by 2030. Moreover, looking ahead, industry experts say ML will continue to be a dominant trend for companies in 2024.

As a CxO, it's important to recognize the potential of machine learning as a growth strategy. It's not just a tech-related opportunity, it's also a challenge that requires the right approach. Machine learning is a complex domain, and delving into it can be overwhelming.

The demand for ML projects is evident, yet comprehending the technical domain can be challenging. That's where we come in – to provide guidance and support. Finding the right software partnerships and working with experienced ML experts is something any business relies on the way to a successful adoption of this technology.

Once you share your project idea with us and request a quote, here's what you can expect.


Request a quote

Let’s start from the beginning. Send your machine learning business idea using this form, or write at In your first message, please include:

  • Describe your needs in 2-3 sentences
  • Let us know your project budget
  • Include an expected duration of service completion
  • Tell us what your company does and what’s your preferable slot for a call

Don't stress about the language - write as you normally speak, you don’t need to use the technical terms. With all this information in hand, we are well-prepared for our initial conversation. We'll assign machine learning engineers with the relevant expertise to address your requirements moving forward.


  • Our business representatives usually will get back to you within 24-48h.
  • All information provided is kept confidential and under NDA.

We have a discovery call

This 30 minute call is needed to understand your project needs and see if we’re a good fit to partner. On one hand, it is an opportunity to validate the alignment of your business ML idea with the appropriate technology. Simultaneously, it allows you to evaluate our expertise, approach, and development standards.

Machine learning isn’t the optimal solution to any problem out there, and if there is a better, easier way for you to achieve your goals - we'll tell you. You can check whether machine learning technology will work for you before you opt for a full-blown adoption.

This meeting is a complimentary Machine Learning consulting session. The more prepared you are for this call, the smoother it will go. Expect us to ask a series of questions, and it would be beneficial if you have a one-page document outlining how you envision your project. However, if you're not able to provide all the answers right away, that's perfectly fine. We're here to work through those uncertainties together.

Machine learning project ideas often fail not because of mistakes in data processing, ML algorithms or model selection, but rather due to a lack of proper resources, expertise, or strategy from the start. The first step is to ask the question: are we applying ML to the right problem? After this call we will know if the project qualifies to ML development, or maybe we’d need to gather more data or refine assumptions.

You get a roadmap for your project

The assessment after the initial call can go two ways. The first scenario, a more straightforward one, is that your idea fits machine learning implementation, thus we go straight to creating a comprehensive roadmap that covers not only clear pricing but also project phases, delivery schedule, and team composition. Once the roadmap is approved, we formalise the agreement with a contract and assemble the project team.

During the project, our ML engineering team selects the right data, performs data analysis & preprocessing, trains models, and gets them ready for deployment.

Alternatively, we dig deeper during the Machine Learning workshop

We will inform you about the essential participants from your company who should be present at the workshop. On our end, we will have specialised machine learning experts with domain-specific and technical competence. For instance, if your project involves image recognition, a computer vision specialist will join you, and if you need text, an NLP specialist.

During the next 3-5 days, our goal is to figure out a problem-solution alignment and decide if your idea should qualify for business PoC, or rather it’s more of something that needs further research or can be done with more conventional technology. At the workshop we discuss your processes, requirements, pains, and help identify the right solutions. These days are a dedicated space to exchange business and scientific ideas in order to find the most appropriate way to bring you results.

We’ll focus on:

  • Exploring your idea by asking the right questions.
  • Getting to know your company and where it stands in the market.
  • Matching your needs with the right technology and machine learning areas.

You'll gain knowledge, as our team will introduce you to the basic concepts of machine learning, as well as tools and plans tailored to your business needs. In this blogpost you can read in more detail how the workshop looks like, and what to expect:

How to validate your idea for a machine learning use case? >>

You get a report

You will receive a Workshop Report that includes:

  • Your project description in the light of what we’ve uncovered
  • A list of engineering competences needed for the project
  • An idea, plan and time estimation for the Proof of Concept stage
  • A draft of a machine learning architecture for your project

If after the workshop, there is a better way than machine learning to implement your idea, we will tell you.

We have you covered with a full-stack application development

In many scenarios, ML models are integrated into APIs for seamless application integration. This process often involves external developers to seamlessly integrate them into existing enterprise systems.

ReasonField Lab is a subsidiary company of SoftwareMill. With our background as software engineers, we're well-equipped to complement the efforts of your software development and MLOps teams. We fully grasp the intricacies of the developer's role, ensuring effective collaboration.

Let’s do great things together!

​​Allow us to guide you and assist you in making well-informed tech decisions. Through our experience working with clients, we've crafted a successful approach. We establish an environment where business and scientific concepts get together, enabling the definition and implementation of machine learning technology in the right applications.

See our portfolio >>

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