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Project Loom? Better Futures? What's next for JVM concurrent programming

Project Loom's goal is to bring light-weight threads and continuations to the JVM. Meanwhile, Kotlin's coroutines have a well established position. Scala continues to improve on actor systems, and boasts a rich ecosystem of functional concurrency toolkits. In Java, programming using CompletableFutures is becoming the norm. The JVM concurrency scene is getting crowded!

This brings the question: what's next? What are the problems that need to be solved? How can Project Loom disrupt the status quo? Will Futures still have a role to play in a post-Loom JVM?

In the talk we will explore the changes that project Loom aims to bring to the JVM. We'll see which problems are solved by virtual threads, and which problems remain. We'll also try to speculate how Loom might impact the way we do actor programming, how to orchestrate concurrent process, and what kind of abstractions might supersede Futures. Finally, we'll discuss interruptibility, why it might be useful, and what kind of additional challenges this brings.

Come and see what's next for concurrency on the JVM!


When: 1st of August 2020
Where: online

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