JavaOne is the Java conference. One that I'm very proud to be presenting at. There'll be plenty of opportunities to meet great people there. And I'm giving three talks at JavaOne - check the abstracts below!

Keep It Simple with Scala (29.09) [CON1708]

Many people probably wouldn’t describe Scala as "simple." In three live coding demos, this presentation tries to convince you otherwise. You’ll see three scenarios in which, instead of complex code, Scala with the help of some libraries, offers simple and elegant designs.

Writing Recommender Systems with Java: An Introduction (30.09) [CON2558]

With the vast amounts of data available, adding personalized recommendations to a system is often a great way to enhance the user experience. There are several tools in Java that can be used to implement a recommender system without a lot of effort. Based on experiences in building tailored recommender systems, this session presents the available approaches.

Scala Macros: What Are They, How Do They Work, and Who Uses Them? (2.10) [CON1740]

Macros are among the new features in Scala 2.10, further extended in 2.11. A macro is simply Scala code that is executed at compile time and that manipulates the AST of a program. Although we probably write macros mostly when creating a library of a framework rather than in day-to-day work, it is definitely good to know what the mechanisms behind them are.

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