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tech blog

We write code every day, and we really like doing it. Why not write about code as well?

We are very into Open-Source

We are involved in many open-source projects either as leaders/founders or as contributors. Here you can find the most important ones!

Our Open-Source projects
company news

Here we usually brag about our company, write about our findings, share some of our favorite tools and even offer up some jokes. We like to learn new things and share our lifehacks with you.

Want to talk to someone real?

You have checked out our company blog! We are impressed! Want to move on? Discuss your project with somebody real. Like Jan, who is a go-to person for your project.

Jan Zborowski
Jan Zborowski
Co-founder and COO
Team member blogs

Many of us are active bloggers. Take a look!

Latest posts
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27 December 2016
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Our Presentations

Sharing is caring. We are spending a lot of time working for community, as organizers and speakers at conferences, workshops, meetups. Below are some of the talks that we have given.