Building Bootzooka UI with Webpack

19 Apr 2016.1 minute read

Together with Marcin Baraniecki we have worked on switching Bootzooka's UI build system to Webpack.

Since some time Webpack is desireable technology in all modern javascript web application build process. Hopefully Bootzooka’s application code using ES2015 modules system and import/export feature makes a really interesting combination for you.

Looks like best time of grunt and bower is gone. Moving to Webpack significantly reduces the configuration code one needs to write (compare gruntfile.js (327 loc) + bower.json(31 loc) vs webpack.config.js (61 loc)). That change eliminates one factor - big files - of build system complexity.
For this change we got inspiration from Webpack lessons.

What has changed?

  • no grunt
  • no bower
  • ES2015 (plus import/export syntax)
  • Webpack (also for unit tests)

Npm scripts now

We make use of npm scripts (instead of grunt in bootzooka/ui directory):

  • npm start - start hotreloading Webpack dev server
  • npm run build - create a distribution
  • npm run dist - create a distribution and serve with http-server
  • npm run test - run karma unit tests

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The biggest benefit we got with this change is the true modularity of angular webapp. Take a look at components (this name moves us towards angular 2.0 future upgrade ;) directory. Each subdirectory is a complete component which might be copy&pasted to your own project and imported to main index.js (assuming you are using angular-ui) - it should work out of the box. Engaging isn’t it?

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