A new game service for Mob Entertainment

How we've built a more reliable and enhanced gaming experience, enabling our Client to attract and retain new players.



When Mob Entertainment approached us with their Project: Playtime, a multiplayer game in development, it already utilized a small backend service for storing player data, managing authentication, and processing financial transactions. However, the existing service posed challenges in terms of maintenance and scalability. Also there was a need for the development of additional game features.


  • 6


  • 6 months

Team role

  • Senior Software Developer
  • Senior DevOps
  • Software Architect


  • GameDev


  • Scala
  • Cats Effect
  • tapir
  • PostgreSQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud
  • React Admin
  • Hasura

Client needed

Mob Entertainment, the game producer, has entrusted us with the development of a new game service. This service must be able to handle a much larger player base and be ready for future releases on new platforms, expecting to handle around 3 million monthly users. This influx of players was anticipated in preparation for an upcoming game chapter that would introduce new features. In addition to enhancing the game's infrastructure, we were also tasked with creating these new features and strengthening the game's monetization model for greater robustness.

What we did

We’ve created a new backend service. We’ve developed game features, every feature had a set of automatic tests and was documented. Service was able to scale according to the needs. Also, the in-game’s payment flow was simplified and improved by our team. We’ve also created an administration panel, allowing Mob Entertainment to manage the game items, user inventory and in-game shop management.


Mob Entertainment experienced a more reliable and enhanced gaming experience, enabling them to attract and retain new players. On the release day, we offered additional support and closely monitored metrics, which indicated that everything was functioning optimally. The service demonstrated stability and responsiveness. Once the backend work was completed, our role transitioned to providing DevOps support for the subsequent months. Notably, there were no incidents during this period.

Kay Oldow
Project Manager (She/Her) at Mob Entertainment

"SoftwareMill was an amazing partner to work with. They demonstrated exceptional flexibility and adaptability as our priorities pivoted, and they showed a willingness to ask questions in order to fully grasp the project's ultimate goals or to address any issues or blockers."

Michał Matłoka
Software Architect

"In creating this multiplayer game, we prioritized the player experience, ensuring the game remains stable and adaptable to varying player numbers. Scalability and consistent availability were key elements in our design, aiming to deliver a smooth and reliable experience for all players."