Accelerating and developing new features of the review platform

How we maintained the existing architecture and simultaneously added new functionalities to the platform


SoftwareMill helped develop the platform's backend and supported the team with several infrastructure projects, including moving from self-hosting to the GCP cloud. We were also responsible for a major refactoring that included a mailparser project and a search API project across multiple microservices.


  • 3 - 6 devs


  • 2 years

Team role

  • Senior Scala Engineer
  • Senior DevOps Engineer


  • Review platform


  • Scala
  • Akka
  • Play
  • Postgres
  • Elasticsearch
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kubernetes
  • Sangria
  • React
  • Redux


The project needed immediate software development acceleration due to the high demand for introducing new features into the platform. Some of the old microservices had to be urgently upgraded and refactored.

The goal was to add new functionalities and improve the existing ones without any significant downtime of the whole application.

We’ve joined our client's team to scale their efforts quickly, and together we develop the platform on an ongoing basis. The scope of our work includes new features development, but also DevOps tasks, and bug fixing.

On the technical side, we were responsible for building multiple microservices to add new functionalities along the way, mainly for integrations with external systems as well as for internal data analysis to support business decisions.

Technology used

  • #Scala
  • #Akka
  • #Play
  • #Postgres
  • #Elasticsearch
  • #RabbitMQ
  • #Kubernetes
  • #Sangria
  • #React
  • #Redux

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SoftwareMill worked on maintaining the existing architecture (bug fixing, refactorings) as well as developing a number of new microservices for additional integrations with external services and for handling internal statistics used by the customer service department.

Additionally, we led the process of migrating the whole Kubernetes cluster together with databases and other resources to a new provider.

Apart from programming, the team engaged in plannings and architecting the future functionalities and solutions needed by


Our contribution to the project resulted in introducing multiple new features like bank ID verification, badges solution for the best realtors, improved search, geosearch, and many others.
Benefits for include:

  • • Improved customer service experience by providing additional insights into the data available on the platform
  • • Gathering of fine-grained statistics for each customer (internal Reco stats coupled with Google Analytics)
  • • Faster response time in case of errors
  • • Reduced downtime
  • • Greater capabilities for scaling by migrating to a new Kubernetes cluster Software libraries upgraded to the latest versions and refactored for better maintainability and security.
Jakob Dobrzynski
Software Developer at

"We’ve been impressed by how smoothly SoftwareMill’s developers adopted our internal technologies and strategies, making for a successful partnership. They’re great communicators who offer meaningful recommendations and improvements, making us feel they’re part of the team. SoftwareMill team contributed to our project with broad human capital and technical expertise. We benefited to a great extent from their experience of working on both large and small development projects."

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