Remote work can work

Our mission at SoftwareMill is to create the best remote workplace for developers. The foundation we build on is: trust + bottom-up structure + empowerment.

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We’ve been a distributed company since day one. As a result, we have an efficient remote ecosystem in place. It’s tested on a daily basis and much appreciated by our clients, who value the job we do and the relationship we have.

Being fully remote lets us hire the best talent, wherever they are, because we are not limited to a local labour market. Everyone of us can make decisions because of full transparency. We can jointly shape company’s future, grow as individuals and as a whole team.

  • Remote

    You work from home or any other place you like. We have no office.

  • Bottom-up structure

    You have no boss, we hire no managers. We jointly shape company’s future.

  • Transparency

    There are no secrets. Every process is transparent, including company finances.

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E-Book: Remote Software Development

What's inside?

  • Full setup of all our remote communication tools and channels
  • Frames that shape our projects
  • Tips for running effective online meetings and team building activities

Every team that goes remote today needs to adjust its communication, tools, processes and team culture.

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