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For over a decade, Confitura has been opening the summer conference season by providing expanded knowledge from the universe of Java and JVM languages. This year, we met on the 2nd of July with the good old formula but wearing a brand new cover.

Marta Smektała presenting at Confitura 2016
### Times are changing As a conference organiser, we know that it’s not easy to fulfill all the expectations of our participants, because they’re different every year. Venue, line-up, catering, contests - they all count in an attendee’s eyes. The 10th edition was full of changes - the logo was refreshed and, after years of cooperation with Warsaw University, Confitura was relocated to the Bobrowiecka Conference Centre. The promotion of the event was supported with a video - a joint production between [Confitura and Darwin’s Group] ( ### The golden mean As always, this was an opportunity for networking and getting to know new things. Traditionally, the presentations at Confitura were a mix of various topics: practical experience, methodologies, soft skills, new languages. That’s why everyone could find something interesting for themselves.
Jacek manning SoftwareMill's stand
First of all, Confitura is made by the community, for the community - there’s a little something for everyone. Presentations are dedicated to, both newbies and advanced programmers. Even know-it-alls should try not to miss Confitura, and attend the event - for fun and keeping up to date with new opportunities. And c’mon, who doesn’t like conference swag? Sponsors always do their best to be attractive to prospective candidates. For SoftwareMill, Kasia Leszczyńska-Bohdan, Gosia Wojciechowska and Sylwia Górska had prepared a fancy stand with cold drinks, jars of jelly, stickers, and loads of other goodies. What's more, we organised a successful competition: ‘the cons of remote work’. Often participants preferred to spend some time with sponsors, chatting about their companies and projects, instead of going to presentations. ### Curtain calls After 10 hours we had to say that it was over. Months of preparation reached the finale. Our work as a sponsor; co-organiser; author of the app for participants of the Conference; and our speakers (Marta Smektała and Andrzej Ludwikowski), has been highly praised. We were a little bit tired after a long day, so we went to an epic after party at the Level 27 Club. ### That’s all folks! Confitura 2016 went down in history. 1400 participants in one place, crowded for one reason – the joy of sharing knowledge of the JVM world. It was a great success, the organisers prepared a truly excellent line-up, cool swag and an amazing atmosphere. As a multiannual partner and supporter of the event, SoftwareMill received a special statuette for our involvement in the organisation. Bravo to the team for the huge scale of this anniversary edition. Also huge congrats to Tomasz Nurkiewicz for the title of the best Confitura speaker of 2015. It was a real pleasure to be a part of this event. Hope to see you all next year!
SoftwareMill's appreciation award
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