Crypto Harvester

Keep hands on all your crypto transactions by tracking endless number of ETH/BTC addresses.

What you get?

  • Get notified

    when bitcoin, ethereum or an observed ERC-20 token is transferred to your address, funds are transferred from your address to another one, a transaction that you sent is either confirmed by the network or rejected

  • Monitor

    outgoing transactions when making payments in crypto, your incoming payments in ICO, observe any number of ETH/BTC addresses (100s, 1000s, 10000s, ...)

  • Each notification

    includes blockchain transaction details (hash, timestamp, block number), a direction: outgoing/incoming, amount in BTC/ETH/tokens, other transaction and blockchain-specific meta-data

  • About the tool

    available as a stand-alone service, deployed on the client's infrastructure, you can integrate with your on-premise or cloud system via a HTTP interface

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