A phenomenon called “land abandonment” is a non-deliberate stop in using a given area for agriculture. You may think that it’s unlikely in modern times, but it does happen still. Studying it is important, both for agriculture and for ecology.

Get the result of our work, a peer review scientific paper that can be found here.

Tomasz Napierała - Assistant Professor, University of Łódź

Geographers from Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Lodz, and machine learning engineers from SoftwareMill applied convolutional neural networks to detect land abandonment in Łódź Voivodeship. Stanisław Krysiak, Anna Majchrowska, Elżbieta Papińska, Maciej Adamiak, Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz - Congratulations!

Detecting Land Abandonment in Łódź Voivodeship Using Convolutional Neural Networks