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What will you learn

Experience the transformative potential of Apache Kafka and elevate your data pipeline to the next level.

The ebook is an introduction to Apache Kafka and our lessons learned while consulting clients and introducing Apache Kafka in commercial projects.

  • Learn about the essential components of Apache Kafka's architecture, including its newest features and roadmap.
  • Understand why Kafka is a suitable choice when JMS or RabbitMQ may not meet the requirements for volume and responsiveness.
  • Discover the diverse use cases of Apache Kafka and learn when it is the best fit.
  • Identify the common mistakes that may occur when building data pipelines around Kafka and learn effective strategies to avoid them.

Who is behind the ebook

Born in Silicon Valley, data in motion is becoming a foundational part of modern companies. Confluent’s cloud-native platform, which Apache Kafka is a part of, is designed to unleash real-time data. It acts as a central nervous system in companies, letting them connect all their applications around real-time streams and react and respond intelligently to everything that happens in their business.

Our team is well-regarded as the Apache Kafka experts due to our lineage in developing Kafka while still driving the majority of the core code in addition to the Confluent Platform. For companies implementing a streaming data solution at enterprise scale, the Confluent Platform extends the capabilities of Kafka and we rely on our partnerships to help drive success for our mutual customers. Our areas of expertise include distributed systems, big data, blockchain, machine learning and data analytics.

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