Building Heavy Load Messaging System - IntelliSMS Case Study

Sending a text is easy, right? And quick. Texting a few friends, piece of cake. But what if you had 1000 friends to text?

Or 100,000?

Sending text messages on industrial scale powers many industries - banking, authorization systems or web (think about it when Gmail will ask you for your telephone number).
IntelliSMS, the leading Australian SMS messaging company approached us some time ago with a humongous task - scaling their system which grew slower due to more and more users signing up.

Besides the scaling problem, the IntelliSMS infrastructure development started in 2000, making some of the tech solutions obsolete. It was a sturdy big system that needed to be refurbished and able to scale easily in the future. A solid challenge for SoftwareMill.

Curious how it turned out? Check out the brief IntelliSMS - Scaling Mass Messaging case study, explaining the challenge and our approach.

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