Project Acceleration and New Features for the Largest Independent Review Site in Sweden

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Technical Expertise in Media & Entertainment Software Development

  • Social Networking

    • Create your own social networking platform with intelligent feed, status updates, AI-based matching algorithms, and secure user authentication.
  • System Performance

    • Migrate your software to new and upgraded technologies—boost your performance and scale your software according to your business needs.
  • Advanced Metrics

    • Analyze your audience and forecast customer lifetime value in real-time through content aggregation, data analysis, and data visualization.
  • Multimedia Streaming

    • Deliver high-quality video and music broadcasts to your audience by building seamlessly integrated streaming solutions with real-time, Kafka data flows.


We take your mind off software development. We can also help you in a few other ways:

  • Technology consulting and audits

    We will help you implement and improve your new tech stack from the very beginning to a final shipment of an efficient and scalable product.

  • Software architecture consulting

    Need functional programming consulting? Code reviews and mentoring for Scala, Akka - we are here to help.

  • Support and rescue of projects

    We will assist you with identifying a problem, gathering information and recommending solutions to your project in need. You’ll receive a turnaround plan and consultation to help you implement it.

  • Open Source development

    We are involved in open-source projects, such as tAPIr, sttp, Alpakka Kafka, ElasticMQ, Struts and other. We'll help you get to speed with an open source tech stack.

How to run a successful remote software development project

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