Migrating SMS Gateway service to the AWS Cloud

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Technical Expertise in Telecom industry

  • Reliable software

    • Telecom software is intended to process a lot of data. Our telecom software developer / team will take care of your software’s high reliability and availability by introducing solutions like system monitoring, fallback scenarios, multiple instances, and more! Thanks to that approach in case of any network break-downs, there are multiple instances, that will keep your data & telecom system safe.
  • Scalable solutions

    • We can help you with challenges like, for example, building a scalable system using your existing on-premise architecture, migrating you to the cloud when on-premise is not enough, or designing a system with the cloud (AWS) in mind from day one. All of that to make your software prepared for your future growth!
  • Data migration

    • Using technologies like Kubernetes, Helm, and Terraform on AWS/GCP/Azure, our developers can quickly test and validate different migration strategies to minimize service disruptions down to minutes - not hours or days. We also ensure high data observability, using the right metrics and creating very comprehensive visualizations.
  • External integrations

    • During your Telecom Software Development process, we’ll take care of integrating your software with any external providers required. Our goal for your system is to benefit from external services without being too reliant and vulnerable when they malfunction.


We take your mind off software development. We can also help you in a few other ways:

  • Technology consulting and audits

    We will help you implement and improve your new tech stack from the very beginning to a final shipment of an efficient and scalable product.

  • Software architecture consulting

    Need functional programming consulting? Code reviews and mentoring for Scala, Akka - we are here to help.

  • Support and rescue of projects

    We will assist you with identifying a problem, gathering information and recommending solutions to your project in need. You’ll receive a turnaround plan and consultation to help you implement it.

  • Open Source development

    We are involved in open-source projects, such as tAPIr, sttp, Alpakka Kafka, ElasticMQ, Struts and other. We'll help you get to speed with an open source tech stack.

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