I have spent some time on adding new features to our open source project Codebrag.
If you don't know what it is, please visit the site to read more about it.

too many commits to review

The most annoying thing for me, when I was joining a new project where Codebrag was used, it was too many commits to review
on the beginning. It was not possible to mark all commits as reviewed at once and you have had to mark them one by one
spending a lot of time on this useless activity ;-)

Now you can mark all commits as reviewed by hitting just one button:

The button is available after opening any commit which is on your TO REVIEW list. With a single step you mark all of them
as reviewed!

manage your teams

Thanks to Ruben Gerits it is possible now to define teams and manage members of the teams
inside Codebrag. What does it mean? If you have a large development team, and you would like limit the number of people
involved in the code review process, you can form a team in Codebrag to narrow the pool of commits they have to review.
It works very simply: if a team member made a change, that change will only be visible to other team members from
their team. If someone isn't assigned to any team, they will see all the commits as usual.

other small things

There were also a few other changes applied to fix commonly spotted issues, please see
CHANGELOG for more details.

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