It’s the second time that I have had the pleasure of participating in the Pipeline Summit. The conference was aimed at sales people, especially those with not much professional experience, working in SMEs from the new technology sector. The event was held at the Amber Arena stadium in Gdansk and brought together participants from all over Poland.

In my opinion, the main advantage of the conference was that the talks were based mostly on case studies which show not only the effects of marketing and sales strategies, but more importantly, the ways in which it is all achieved. Moreover, the presentations ended with 3 specific action points meaning each conference participant could easily introduce his or her own enterprise, saving both time and money!

I was really attracted to the presentation “How to plug the leaks in your pipeline and increase conversion” by Syed Asad Hussain. Syed, in spite of only being a 23-year-old, is already a seasoned salesman. Being a very energetic speaker as well made his lecture very inspirational, encouraging the listeners to strive towards better sales results. Syed placed the most importance on keeping track of and measuring KPIs during each phase of the sales process. As a result, we should be able to locate the weakest links in the process that need improvement. Syed also suggested updating the list of our potential customers, thus clearing those with little or no probability of collaboration. A continued engagement with such clients can be a huge obstacle for a company and reduce time available for more prominent clients.

Kasia, Jesper and Jasiek at the Pipeline Summit in Gdansk

Another presentation that caught my attention was “Building a repeatable sales process in a global B2B service business” by Wiktor Schmidt. Wiktor shared his inspirations and experience when building up a sales department in his company.

During the conference, there were 2 presentations on how videos can best be used for promotional and sales purposes. Maciej Sawicki, in his “60” Video Sells Better Than a Thousand Words”, showed us the significance of using videos for communication with clients. According to him, everyone should prepare a short film about the products or services that they provide in order to check the influence of the video message on their clients (interestingly enough!!!).

Ewa Wysocka and Samuel Cook, in “How to merge online content and paid traffic to generate sales (2 quick examples)”, showed us the power of Facebook movie campaigns as an efficient tool for promoting and selling products. In addition, by presenting the budgetary estimates of those campaigns, they proved that 3xCAC (Cost to Acquire Customer) < LTV (customer Life Time Value).

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