Seems like scaling startups is all the rage lately - after all, you need more than MVP to accomodate a growing userbase.

Such is the case with Emotiful, an emerging social app, a new addition to our portfolio. Emotiful approached us with a huge challenge - scaling their image tagging startup.


Firstly, we had to optimize the database brimming with images. Next, we moved the infrastructure from Mongolab to AWS, including automatization via Chef.

After the optimization phase, we've added push notifications, Twitter integration, an activity log and a few other features like rich Facebook story posting and guest mode (which you can experience at Support & maintenance included.

This is yet another case of SoftwareMill scaling a startup - we also took care of scaling Yap.TV, a media discovery app moving from Ruby to Scala.

And if it seems like something you'd need doing, let us know!

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