Scalar Conference 2015 Summary

The second Scalar Conference is behind us. It was a pleasure organising such event. We are so proud that we could invite experts with deep knowledge of Scala Programming.

Quentin Adam talked about streams on top of Scala. He showed us why we need streams in our app. Quentin explained what it is and how we can use it in real world.

Paweł Dolega had a talk about Graphs and gremlins. He explained how to deal with graph databases from Scala. We could see how to use scala-blueprints and gremlin-scala libraries. Paweł proved that we can use graph model without sacrificing features. We also learned how to achieve greater level of flexibility and improve performance in certain cases.

Adam Warski and Tomasz Szymański launched Suple(r), useful tool for creating websites with complex forms. They were coding real-time various Supler features and explained its approach.

Jamie Allen talked about an accessible exploration of the JVM Heap, thread stacks and concurrency primitives on the JVM. He explained how to compose multi-threaded code in Java and Scala.

Meanwhile Radek Tkaczyk showed how to efficiently use Slick and avoid some performance-related pitfalls in his talk „Being slick and avoiding slip-ups”. A few moments later Paweł Szulc explained what monad is in functional programming and why we don’t have to understand it to use it.

After lunch break Heather Miller talked about Function-Passing Style Typed, Distributed Functional Programming. She presented us the effect of connection type systems research and new language features in Scala. Heather talked about new patterns of programming in distributed environments using distributable lambdas and types.

Next speaker was Tomasz Kot. His story was how Akka helped him to build an almost successful cloud for telco services. His talk was also kind of a confession of a programmer. Watch the video to learn more.

Jacek Laskowski had the longest title of his talk: "Developing reactive REST JSON microservices with Play and Spray Akka HTTP (Future[T] included) 30-minute live demo" and he explained what it means.

Martin Mauch was also our speaker. He gave us an introduction on probabilistic modeling and Bayesian Networks and showed an example analysis done in Scala.

Jon Pretty demonstrated how Scala's type system can be persuaded to enforce checked exceptions with negligible syntactic burden at the call site, supporting validation-style aggregation of exceptions, and with the flexibility to be turned on and off as desired.

The last (but not least) Scalar’s speaker was Konrad „Ktoso” Malawski with presentation about Akka. He focused on two upcoming modules in Akka: Akka-Streams and Akka-Typed.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Typesafe and Javeo! Scalar would not exist without the awesome Scala and Java community. Special thanks to VirtusLab and Scalac, conference’s co-organizers.

You can watch most of Scalar's talks on YouTube. Enjoy and see you on the third edition of the conference in 2016 ;)

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