Secure software development: we are a Snyk technology partner

Maria Kucharczyk

07 Jun 2024.2 minutes read

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We’re excited to partner with Snyk, one of the leading security platforms, which, in their own words, empower organisations to develop fast and stay secure.

A competitive business environment puts great pressure on enhancing developer productivity and improving the speed of delivery. Not only your infrastructure but also the quality of your codebase translates directly into your business success or failure. Simplifying the process of finding and fixing vulnerabilities in code before they can affect your business is important not only to developers but also to DevOps, security, and business leaders.

Accelerating deployment and delivery has to be done, ensuring that security is not compromised. There are many strategies for balancing efficient development cycles with security best practices. While helping our clients build and scale their software, we understand the importance of putting ​​policies and enforcements on:

  • improving the speed of deployment and shortening time to value,
  • reducing friction between developers, DevOps, and security teams,
  • mitigating and reducing security risks,
  • and in general, building a culture of DevEx.

Building a culture where security is everyone's responsibility is easier with tools that accelerate efficient development and delivery, providing insights on what’s going on in the software system continuously and at a very early stage. Snyk is one of these tools that makes the lives of your developers, DevOps, and security teams much easierr. By being able to assess, monitor, and track security issues throughout the software development lifecycle, from code to cloud, you promote integrated security practices, automation, and a collaborative culture.


We recognize that the focus on security has increased over the last years due to more and more sophisticated cyber threats, e.g., XZ security incident where malicious code was introduced to a critical Linux library. Businesses need strong protective measures from high-profile incidents and more efficient risk management daily._
To address these challenges comprehensively, we have chosen Snyk for its comprehensive approach to security. The platform allows to introduce security practices on various layers:

  • codebase: code via static analysis,
  • dependencies: ensuring brought-in libraries don’t introduce new security risks and have appropriate licences,
  • containers: finding vulnerabilities in OS packages,
  • infrastructure: scanning Terraform files for risky practices.

We saw Snyk in action used successfully by our high-stakes clients, e.g., from the fintech industry, which grounded our decision to partner with Snyk.”

Ready to enhance your security practices? Contact us today to learn how our partnership with Snyk can help your organisation develop faster and more securely.

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