Application security with Snyk

As Snyk partner, we help you build secure, efficient software that drives business value. Leverage our expertise to turn insights into secure, robust apps.

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Secure modern software

  • Why Snyk

    Snyk is used by close to 2,800 customers worldwide today. It is one of the leading security platforms, which, in their own words, empower organisations to develop fast and stay secure.

  • Security-first

    Adopt a proactive approach to security as an integral part of modern software development. Simplify the process of finding and fixing security threats before they can affect your business.

  • Comprehensive

    Introduce security practices on various layers: static code analysis, dependencies management, containers security, Infrastructure as a Code scanning - Snyk gives you a comprehensive approach to security.

  • Efficient software

    Accelerate efficient development and delivery by gaining continuous, early-stage insights into your software. Enhance collaboration between security and development teams for optimal business results.

  • Developer friendly tool

    Designed with developers in mind, Snyk integrates seamlessly into the developers workflow. It provides closed-loop feedback by automatic threat detections of software vulnerabilities.

  • The right tech partner

    We can advise you on best practices, technological strategies, and implementation processes. We saw Snyk in action used successfully by our high-stakes clients, e.g., from the FinTech industry, which grounded our decision to partner with Snyk.