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Other services

  • DevOps as a Service

    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
    • Site Reliability Engineering
    • Automation and monitoring
    • Configuration management
    • Infrastructure as a Code
    • Cluster management and orchestration (DC/OS, Kubernetes, ECS)
    • Platform engineering with DevOps experts
  • Enterprise solutions

    • Taking care of the entire programming life cycle helping you achieve industry-specific goals
    • Experience in Fintech, Telco, MedTech, e-Commerce and more
    • Efficient implementations of high throughput applications
    • Self-sufficient development teams that quickly approach complex business domains
    • Full stack custom software development
  • Scala experts

    • A solid foundation for developing scalable, resilient and performant applications
    • Distributed systems and software architecture consulting
    • Own ecosystem of OSS tools
    • Concurrent systems implemented with Akka Persistence and built on event-driven architecture
    • Consulting and mentoring
    • Synchronization and integration with third parties
  • Frontend

    • React, Angular and TypeScript experts
    • Development of user-friendly products that are scalable and functional
    • Iterative approach to designing and usability test
    • Feature-rich cross-platform web apps with beautiful design


We take your mind off software development. We can also help you in a few other ways:

  • Technology consulting and audits

    We will help you implement and improve your new tech stack from the very beginning to a final shipment of an efficient and scalable product.

  • Software architecture consulting

    Need functional programming consulting? Code reviews and mentoring for Java, Scala, Akka, Kafka, Cassandra - we are here to help.

  • Support and rescue of projects

    We will assist you with identifying a problem, gathering information and recommending solutions to your project in need. You’ll receive a turnaround plan and consultation to help you implement it.

  • Open Source development

    We are involved in open-source projects, such as tAPIr, sttp, Alpakka Kafka, ElasticMQ, Struts and other. We'll help you get to speed with an open source tech stack.

Client's testimonials

  • “I’ve been impressed by how easily they acclimated to our in-house technology and practices.”

    Jakob Dobrzynski, Software Developer at Reco.se
  • “They have an excellent ability to work remotely without it being a barrier. They fit seamlessly into our team.”

    Brian Smith, CTO at Flexys Solutions
  • “They were invested and interested in the project and were passionate about their company.”

    Elliott Murphy-Kerry, COO at Ersules
  • “Any company considering SoftwareMill for IT consultancy services has our most enthusiastic recommendation”

    Cyrus Fazel, SBorg SA
  • “They carefully explained the technical steps they took to accomplish their goals.”

    Quality Engineering Manager, Telecom Firm
  • “SoftwareMill provided us, not only, with skills that we didn’t possess but with a refreshingly different point of view on specific problems. ”

    Nicolas Rémond, CTO at SwissBorg
  • “They are truly not only passionate about their work but prideful in seeing the success of their customers.”

    Andy Zelinski, Founder of Welio
  • “I soon realized that SoftwareMill had the right technical expertise.”

    Adam Lau, CIO at Intelli Messaging
  • “I used to curse vBroker on a daily basis, [but now] we can solve the problems [with third-party backend systems] fast.”

    Andrew Schwabecher, former General Manager Hosting at 8x8, Inc.
  • “I'm sure it [support during holiday] won't be needed. vBroker is the most solid part of our infrastructure.”

    Lance Johnson, Director of Engineering, Cloud R&D at 8x8, Inc.
  • “It was the quality of people that made me choose SoftwareMill. In the first 3 months, the team turned a half-page of sketchy notes into a fully-fledged functioning system.”

    Jarryd Winters, Founder and CTO of Attikis
  • “Expert developers, very good at planning. With a very difficult development task SoftwareMill has delivered a great result”

    Peter Humphries, Executive Director at Intelli Messaging
  • “Quickly getting up-to-speed with an incredibly complex business domain. A pleasure to work with.”

    Anton Bagchi, Application Architect at Vocado
  • “Their development team is smart, fast and collaborative. They helped us pull off the impossible - in record time!”

    Trevor Stout, CEO, Founder of yap.TV
  • “SoftwareMill team provided great expertise in the implementation of event management application based on Kafka, Camel and ZooKeeper.”

    Jaroslav Kohout, Finfactory
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