Unlock the value of your Big Data to better understand customer behavior

  • Big Data adoption

    Whether you are at the pre-MVP stage or have a working prototype, we can help you define data product requirements and functionalities by creating solutions for problems like predictions, classification, segmentation and anomaly detection.

  • Custom Big Data Software

    Building on Scala and Java ecosystem expertise we use platforms like Apache Kafka, Cassandra and Spark to create big scale, highly performant data collection and transformation pipelines.

  • Stream Processing

    Get data insights within milliseconds to seconds from the trigger. Our solutions, by leveraging ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, or Kafka, empower you with the real-time data for faster and relevant decision making.

  • Machine Learning custom software

    We deliver end-to-end solutions based on machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and predictive analysis. We apply different strategies for data gathering and ensure algorithms to reach a high accurate level.

E-Book: ML Scientific Article

A phenomenon called “land abandonment” is a non-deliberate stop in using a given area for agriculture. You may think that it’s unlikely in modern times, but it does happen still. Studying it is important, both for agriculture and for ecology.

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