Big Data software development

Need storage solution for streaming data? We are the Apache Kafka experts with long history of developing Kafka and using Confluent Platform on production.

Unlock the value of data

  • Big Data Adoption

    We use Cassandra, BigQuery, Apache Spark, Akka Streams, Apache Kafka, and Apache Flink to build robust and complex ETL systems that investigate and transform data. Explore both real-time and historical data to identify business opportunities, mitigate risks, and boost performance.

  • Don't lose any information

    It's hard to predict how your business will evolve and what data might be useful in the future. Our software engineers are skilled in introducing Event Sourcing patterns that enable you to recover past insights and pivot more easily.

  • Stream Processing

    Get data insights within milliseconds to seconds from trigger. Our solutions leverage ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, or Apache Kafka to empower you with real-time data for faster and more relevant decision making. We are a Confluent Plus Partner.

  • Consulting and Project Rescue

    Implement and improve your new Big Data tech stack from the very beginning to a final shipment of a scalable product or build an immediate project recovery plan to your existing solution with the help of our software consultants and architects.

E-Book: Kafka eBook

Explore the ebook and:

  • Learn about the essential components of Apache Kafka's architecture, including its newest features and roadmap.
  • Understand why Kafka is a suitable choice when JMS or RabbitMQ may not meet the requirements for volume and responsiveness.
  • Identify the common mistakes that may occur when building data pipelines around Kafka and learn effective strategies to avoid them.

Apache Kafka is a big data tool used by over 12,000 companies around the world. It comes into play when JMS or RabbitMQ, may not be considered due to volume and responsiveness.

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