• Prototyping

    We create new IoT scenarios while enhancing IoT hardware, devices and smart sensors with fault-tolerant, efficient and scalable embedded systems.

  • Custom IoT software

    We build tailored IoT-powered business applications and provide professional assistance across the full-cycle of custom software development.

  • BLE location system

    With our devices powered with Raspberry PI you can turn your invention into a product. Send us a floor plan and during the next few days you’ll have your dedicated POC set up to proceed with RTLS project.

E-Book: Hello, we are SoftwareMill

What will you learn?

  • The secret sauce of who we are at SoftwareMill.
  • Testimonials and case studies of our past projects.
  • The ways we operate and help our clients thrive.

We are recognized in the community as a leading consultancy chosen for digital transformation.

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