Software Development with Elixir

We're no strangers to the world beyond JVM. Let's build highly concurrent, fault-tolerant and distributed systems on Erlang VM.

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Built-in concurrency for resilient systems

  • Elixir capabilities

    Elixir was designed with scalability in mind, making it a popular choice for building highly concurrent and distributed systems. Its built-in support for lightweight processes and message passing allows for easy implementation of fault-tolerant and highly available systems.

  • Productivity

    Elixir is a modern language that values developer productivity. It has concise syntax and powerful abstractions that enable developers to write expressive and maintainable code. Elixir also provides excellent documentation, testing, and debugging tools that make development easier and faster.

  • Performance

    Elixir runs on the Erlang Virtual Machine (VM), designed for fault-tolerant and highly concurrent systems. The Erlang VM is known for its ability to handle large numbers of lightweight processes, making it possible to write highly performant code in Elixir.

  • Community

    Elixir's community is active and helpful, contributing to open-source projects and sharing knowledge through blogs and forums. They've built useful libraries and tools for building complex systems, and there are many resources available to learn the language and ecosystem.