The secret is out: Warsaw is the new place to look for innovative, professional development firms. With its competitive rates, a multilingual workforce, and passionate tech community, Poland really has it all.

So how do custom software developers like SoftwareMill stand out?

Luckily, there’s This highly respected B2B ratings & reviews platform has recently named us a Market Leader in their prestigious 2017 Top Poland Developers Leaders Matrix, which ranked SoftwareMill against 34 competitors.

Based on several positive client reviews, we received an overall score of 27.4/30, but most impressive were the anecdotes conveyed by the respondents– our prized customers. According to one interviewed client, Antonio, from supply chain management firm, Elemica: “They can take in the high-level view of the task and get input in terms of design, after which they work through the entire stack, from backend to frontend.”

Another client, a boutique development agency that we supplied with some of our most talented team members, said, "They work well in a remote environment, working on their own initiative and coming up with creative solutions." That’s the kind of feedback our team loves to hear!

At SoftwareMill, we pride ourselves on the traditional engineering values of efficiency, elegance and functionality, and our client, the Vice President of Development at the correspondence management firm TopDownSystems agrees:

We’re grateful to our clients for their positive feedback and to for highlighting our company. To learn more about what our clients had to say about us, you can always visit the SoftwareMill company profile + reviews!

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