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There’s a number of great Scala HTTP libraries. You can do synchronous or fully asynchronous calls, stream requests and responses, use either standard Scala Futures or other concurrency wrappers. However, on the API side, when it comes to programmer-friendliness, I think we can do better.

The main goal of sttp is to provide a simple, type-safe API for defining HTTP requests, sending them and receiving responses. In the mainly live-coding talk we’ll go through the main API design decisions: we’ll see how partial requests (“templates”) can be built, how is type-safety provided via type parameters and what do they mean, how is defining a request decoupled from execution. The presentation will also cover other sttp features, such as the URI interpolator and request/response body streaming support, integration with Akka Streams, Monix, Scalaz and Cats. No slides, just code!




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