This year, in the spirit of Google's Summer of Code, we are happy to sponsor a student, Trevor Sibanda from Zimbabwe, who will be working on Slick. Trevor started tinkering with computers when he was 14, and he already has a number of achievements on his account: he created Mthwakazi Defender Zimbabwe's first anti-malware scanner and removal tool, and as he also is a security and ethical hacking enthusiast, he's an OWASP chapter leader and appeared several times in the local newspapers.

Trevor will be mentored by one of Slick's core developers, Christopher Vogt, and co-mentored by Yao Li, last year's student. His work will focus on revamping the Slick code generator, for example supporting case classes with more than 22 fields, and other fixes, as time allows.

We're looking forward to the results of his work!

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