Tapir Tech Update the Deep Dive

Bartłomiej Żyliński

18 Jun 2024.4 minutes read

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You may remember that in the past, we had a different newsletter called Data Times. You may even start to wonder what happened to Data Times. This Blog is aimed at answering this question and also mentioning why we changed our newsletter. Additionally, It will give you some details on what you may find in Tapir Tech Update.

Another newsletter with tech-oriented links?

Why not? But being serious - at SoftwareMill, we value knowledge sharing. We write a lot of blogs and speak at many conferences. Accidentally, we also read a lot.

Somewhere along the timeline, the idea was born to share the texts we read in the form of a newsletter. Of course, not all of them, as it would be too much for any comfortable reading.

Currently, we share interesting reading pieces on our internal Slack channel. The content for a newsletter is picked from the best pieces shared on the channel by other people from SoftwareMill.

Summing upL we have a newsletter because we like to read good quality technical content and believe in knowledge sharing. We hope that you will find our picks at least as interesting as we do.

Why We Change The Data Times

In short, because of branding. We wanted to show some connection between our newsletter and us, the SoftwareMill. Data Times was a pretty good name however it is quite generic and not actually related to SoftwareMill.

As you may know, we have an open-source project named Tapir. It is one of the reasons why we are doing a lot of marking around and with the help of tapirs. We have them on our t-shirts, and we always giveaway tapir mascots on our conference stand. We even sponsor two living, breathing tapirs in Płock ZOO.

Thus we as a brand feel quite connected to Tapirs, so when someone threw the name Tapir Tech Update while discussing changes in newsletters, the team unanimously agreed.

What is more, we wanted to make some changes to the newsletter's content. We wanted the categories of the newsletter to be more focused and cohesive, more about this in the following paragraphs.

What you will find inside

As I mentioned just a few lines above, one of the reasons we changed Data Times to Tapir Tech Update was the need to change the content of the newsletter.

In Data Times, we had three following categories:

  • Machine Learning
  • Technology
  • Big Data & Stream Processing

All three are quite generic and can contain a very vague set of links.

In Tapir Tech Update, we have 6 different categories:

  • Technology news - news related to the IT industry, more business-focused
  • Architecture Wins - architecture case studies, with scale
  • Machine Learning - strong technical articles related to machine learning
  • DevOps - all things DevOps
  • Data Fusion - new versions and updates in GCP/AWS/KAFKA/SNOWFLAKE, etc.
  • Tech curiosity - one link related to some research on the forefront of IT and science

Issue 2
As you can see in Tapir Tech Update, the categories and, by extension, the content we serve you is more granular and focused. You can pick the categories of interest, focus on them, and skip the rest.

Of course, as the Tapir Tech Update is a monthly newsletter, all of the articles inside are from the current month. You will not find articles from the April in May issue of our newsletter.

People Behind Tapir Tech Update

Currently, the Tapir Tech Update team consists of four people, including me.

Michał Matłoka - SoftwareMill CTO, Architect, and consultant with many years of experience.
In the area of Tapir Tech Update, Michał is responsible for the general quality of our content and has a last word on whether or not a particular article will be added to the newsletter.

Bartłomiej Żyliński (me) - Software Engineer with a passion for JVM, distributed systems, and blogging. In the newsletter, I am someone like the editor. I am responsible for organizing and sometimes searching all the links you get.

Mariusz Walczyk - DevOps Engineer specializing in Terraform, Kubernetes, and cloud technologies. In Tapir Tech Update Mariusz is responsible for our DevOps column, taking care of its content and quality.

Anna Zabłotna - Marketing specialist focused on performance and growth. In the newsletter area, Anna is responsible for marketing, branding, and helping us reach even more people.

Here we are - the Tapir Tech Update team. Tech people through and through, with a passion for knowledge sharing.

How to Contribute

We are open to community contributions.

If you think that your blog, article, or publication can be interesting to others, we encourage you to share it with us via this form. While we can't guarantee inclusion in the next Tapir Tech Update, we'll do our best.

You can also reach us via mail: or by DMing me or anyone from the Tapir Tech Update team on LinkedIn.

How to Subscribe

If we managed to catch your attention with this post and you seem interested in joining our newsletter here you can do it. We promise to send you our best picks.

How to Reach Us

We highly value your feedback!

Feel free to reach out to us via mail to: with any thoughts or suggestions.

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