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Your information stays in-house

The team with which you choose to work is fully dedicated to your project. We mainly work from Poland, and we do not outsource any of the tasks we are hired to complete. We may travel - for example to meet in-person - and bring the work along with us, but your project doesn’t travel on its own.

Information is at the core of our business and we make sure that it’s kept private and secure.

  • Adam Kaczmarek

    Adam Kaczmarek

    Passionate Software Developer

  • Adam Pietrzykowski

    Adam Pietrzykowski

    DevOps Engineer

  • Adam Richter

    Adam Richter

    Frontend Engineer

  • Adam Warski

    Adam Warski

    CTO and co-founder

  • Aleksandra Puchta-Górska

    Aleksandra Puchta-Górska

    Marketing & Growth Manager

  • Andrzej Ludwikowski

    Andrzej Ludwikowski

    Software Journeyman

  • Augustyn Zentner

    Augustyn Zentner

    Frontend Developer

  • Bartłomiej Turos

    Bartłomiej Turos

    Chaotic Software Alchemist

  • Bartłomiej Żyliński

    Bartłomiej Żyliński

    Scala Software Engineer

  • Damian Karwacki

    Damian Karwacki

    Scala Developer

  • Dawid Popczyk

    Dawid Popczyk

    Software Developer

  • Dariusz Broda

    Dariusz Broda

    Software Engineer

  • Grzegorz Hejduk

    Grzegorz Hejduk

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Grzegorz Kocur

    Grzegorz Kocur

    DevOps Engineer

  • Iza Rokita

    Iza Rokita

    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Jacek Kunicki

    Jacek Kunicki

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jakub Cichy

    Jakub Cichy

    Backend Developer

  • Jakub Dzikowski

    Jakub Dzikowski

    Agile Samurai

  • Jakub Dziworski

    Jakub Dziworski

    Software Developer

  • Jan Zborowski

    Jan Zborowski

    Business Developer & co-founder

  • Jakub Antolak

    Jakub Antolak

    Frontend Developer

  • Jarosław Kijanowski

    Jarosław Kijanowski

    Integration Architect

  • Joanna Kowalczyk

    Joanna Kowalczyk

    Administration and Finance Specialist

  • Kaja Marzec

    Kaja Marzec

    Graphic Designer

  • Kaja Polachowska

    Kaja Polachowska

    Marketing strategist

  • Kamil Charłampowicz

    Kamil Charłampowicz

    Software Developer

  • Kamil Rafałko

    Kamil Rafałko

    Software Engineer

  • Kamil Kupczyński

    Kamil Kupczyński

    JavaScript developer

  • Kinga Pukianiec

    Kinga Pukianiec

    QA engineer

  • Krzysztof Atłasik

    Krzysztof Atłasik

    Software Engineer

  • Krzysztof Białek

    Krzysztof Białek

    Mid DevOps Engineer

  • Krzysztof Ciesielski

    Krzysztof Ciesielski

    Software Engineer

  • Krzysztof Grajek

    Krzysztof Grajek

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Krzysztof Jeliński

    Krzysztof Jeliński

    Software Developer

  • Lech Głowiak

    Lech Głowiak

    Software Engineer

  • Łukasz Lenart

    Łukasz Lenart

    Creative Software Engineer

  • Łukasz Wełnicki

    Łukasz Wełnicki

    Java/Scala Developer

  • Maciej Adamiak

    Maciej Adamiak

    Senior Software Engineer, ML Lead

  • Maciek Opała

    Maciek Opała

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Magda Stożek

    Magda Stożek

    Passionate Software Developer

  • Małgorzata Grochalska

    Małgorzata Grochalska

    Administration Manager

  • Marcin Baraniecki

    Marcin Baraniecki

    Front-end Lion

  • Małgorzata Orzechowska

    Małgorzata Orzechowska

    Business Development Representative

  • Marcin Głasek

    Marcin Głasek

    Business Developer

  • Marcin Kubala

    Marcin Kubala

    Guardian of Type Safety

  • Maria Wąchal

    Maria Wąchal

    Senior Strategist & Marketing Leader

  • Mariusz Walczyk

    Mariusz Walczyk

    DevOps Engineer

  • Mateusz Borek

    Mateusz Borek

    Software Engineer

  • Mateusz Ledwoń

    Mateusz Ledwoń

    Front-end Developer

  • Michał Pierściński

    Michał Pierściński

    Software Engineer

  • Michał Chmielarz

    Michał Chmielarz

    Software Wizard

  • Michał Grandys

    Michał Grandys

    Software Engineer

  • Michał Matłoka

    Michał Matłoka

    Architect, Coordinator of R&D

  • Michał Mital

    Michał Mital

    Software Developer, Leader of SoftwareMill Academy

  • Michał Ossowski

    Michał Ossowski

    Software Engineer

  • Michał Ostruszka

    Michał Ostruszka

    Software Wizard

  • Michał Szczygieł

    Michał Szczygieł

    Software Engineer

  • Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz

    Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Olaf Krawczyk

    Olaf Krawczyk

    Frontend Developer

  • Paweł Stawicki

    Paweł Stawicki

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Piotr Buda

    Piotr Buda

    Passionate Software Developer

  • Piotr Hejwowski

    Piotr Hejwowski

    Backend Commando

  • Piotr Jasiak

    Piotr Jasiak

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Piotr Majcher

    Piotr Majcher

    Frontend Developer

  • Piotr Rojek

    Piotr Rojek

    Software Developer

  • Rafał Zelek

    Rafał Zelek

    Software Developer

  • Robert Dziewoński

    Robert Dziewoński

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Robert Walerowicz

    Robert Walerowicz

    Scala Developer

  • Sebastian Rabiej

    Sebastian Rabiej

    Software Engineer

  • Sylwia Górska

    Sylwia Górska

    Recruitment Specialist & Event Coordinator

  • Tomasz Dziurko

    Tomasz Dziurko

    VP of Engineering

  • Tomasz Kiełbowicz

    Tomasz Kiełbowicz

    Software Engineer

  • Tomasz Krawczyk

    Tomasz Krawczyk

    Frontend Developer

  • Tomasz Król

    Tomasz Król

    DevOps Engineer

  • Tomasz Łuczak

    Tomasz Łuczak

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Tomasz Pewiński

    Tomasz Pewiński

    Frontend Developer

  • Tomasz Słabiak

    Tomasz Słabiak

    Software Engineer

  • Tomasz Szymański

    Tomasz Szymański

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Wojciech Urbański

    Wojciech Urbański

    Scala Developer

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