akka-http-session 0.2.0 - mobile (and web), JWT, optional cookies

Adam Warski

16 Nov 2015.2 minutes read

akka-http-session provides directives for secure client-side session management in web and mobile applications, using cookies or custom headers + local storage, with optional Json Web Tokens format support. The library builds on top of akka-http, an experimental Akka module for creating reactive REST services with an elegant DSL.

Just as a refresher, the major features of akka-http-session are:

  • type-safe, signed, client-side sessions
  • sessions can be encrypted
  • sessions contain an expiry date
  • refresh token support (e.g. to implement "remember me")
  • CSRF tokens support

Version 0.2.0 brings in a couple new features and changes:

  • web & mobile-friendly
  • cookie or custom header transport
  • support for JWT
  • new group id (com.softwaremill.akka-http-session) and artifact ids (core and the optional jwt)
  • more IDE and developer-friendly directives (parameters are not hidden in "magnets")
  • removing the dedicated PersistSession directives, instead you should use refreshable for session continuity

When developing a web application, you can use the cookie-based session transport, or the header-based transport and store session data e.g. in browser's local storage. For mobile applications, the second approach is much more common; the tokens are then stored using device-specific storage mechanisms.

By default session data, expiry and signature are encoded in a simple, custom string-based format, but by adding the jwt module you can encode them as standard json-based tokens, with arbitrary payload data, proper headers and signatures. For an introduction to JWT, see e.g. here.

How does session management look in practice? Quite simple! You just need to use the setSession, requiredSession directives, for example:

val sessionConfig = SessionConfig.default("1234 ... 7890")
implicit val sessionManager = new SessionManager[Long](sessionConfig)

path("login") {
  post {
    entity(as[String]) { body =>
      setSession(oneOff, usingCookies, 812832L) { ctx =>
} ~
path("secret") {
  get {
    requiredSession(oneOff, usingCookies) { session => 
      // session: Long, or whatever the T parameter is
      complete { "treasure" }
} ~
path("logout") {
  get {
    invalidateSession(oneOff, usingCookies) {
      complete { "logged out" }

Here the session content is just a Long, but it's very easy to store a case class or other type of data. Everything in a type-safe, secure way.

For a more complete example, you can check out the sources of a runnable
or head over to Bootzooka, which is a complete application scaffolding and uses akka-http for http routing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on our gitter channel, and if you like the project, please star it on GitHub!


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