Cassandra and Kafka become a central component in an increasing number of SoftwareMill's projects (together with other technologies of course, Scala/Akka/Spark etc. are here to stay!). Some of our team members decided to complete and complement their practical Cassandra knowledge by taking Datastax’s Academy courses, and later formalize it "at the source". Hence I am proud to say that we now have three Cassandra Certified Architects: Jarosław Kijanowski, Michał Matłoka and Andrzej Ludwikowski. Congratulations!

But, that’s not all! We also added some new projects to our portfolio. Firstly, a system for ingesting and analyzing energy usage indications; to handle the massive amounts of data, we’ve used Cassandra, Akka (core, streams, http), and for the machine learning component, Spark. Secondly, we’ve recently done some consulting on Kafka; we’ve participated both in the design phase, placing Kafka as a main messaging service, creating proof-of-concept code including performance benchmarks, and finally assisting in operationalizing the setup.

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