Bespoke AI chatbot for your business

Unlock the full potential of AI with expertly crafted LLMs like Chat GPT or Gemini, get secure, customized solutions for your industry's complexities.

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Maximize the potential of your data sources

  • Customized solution

    We work closely with you to understand your requirements and identify the optimal solution: whether it’s a general-purpose API (e.g., Chat GPT or Gemini), a cloud-based solution, or a bespoke language model tailored specifically for your needs.

  • The value to you

    With our expertise and critical insights, you get solutions that keep you ahead of the curve. By staying current with the latest industry developments (i.e. AI Agents, Chain of Thoughts), we not only understand their potential but also evaluate their benefits and risks for your business scenario.

  • Where to apply

    Together, we can go beyond fixed Q&A systems and unlock the full potential of your data sources. This enables us to streamline repetitive tasks, such as initial customer support interactions, or increase your team's efficiency by transforming your documentation into a digital expert resource.

  • End-to-End solutions

    Being a proactive technology partner, our offerings extend beyond machine learning services. Having experience as full-stack software engineers too, we are able to augment the work of a software development and MLOps and seamlessly integrate with your team. We specialize in JVM, Cloud, stream processing and reactive systems.