Summer is inevitably coming to an end, but work on Slick is progressing at a fast pace! This year we are happy to sponsor a student, Trevor Sibanda from Zimbabwe (you can find the original info here), to work on the project during the summer months.

We've asked Trevor how the work is going. Turns out, quite a lot of PRs are in progress! Here's a short summary, as provided by Trevor:

"Most of the work I've worked so far have revolved around fixing issues in the code generator and a couple of driver specifc issues.

Work on the code generator includes:

  • running the codegenerator tests against all databases PR1570
  • escaping special characters for table names in codegenerator PR1477
  • adding support for generating case classes for tables with > 22 columns PR1546
  • Fixing codegen cyclic dependency error given table "Table" PR1508 (merged)

Driver specific work done includes:

  • Improving Mysql string type inference PR1578
  • Allow Mysql profile to parse default bit values PR1584
  • Fix mysql model builder parsing of schema name PR1528
  • Fix mysql parsing default value for numeric types PR1583
  • Improve sqlite driver's parsing of timestamp values PR1580
  • Fix sqlite driver's handling of decimal type with precision PR1551

Other changes made include:

  • Added O.Unique columnoption PR1523 (merged)
  • Adding O.DefaultExpression column option to handle default expressions PR1533

And some other minor tweaks"

If you are curious about the ongoing status, the list of submitted PRs can be found here, and the issues found&reported here.

Looking forward to a successful closing of the project! And thanks to Christopher Vogt for mentoring and reviewing the code!

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