Mobile app that lets you predict, learn and earn Bitcoin

How we helped develop a forecast module which evaluates bids versus the exchange rates

About the project

SwissBorg is a team of fintech experts and engineers creating a holistic crypto wealth management ecosystem accessible to everyone. As a pre-launch of their showcase feature, the Wealth App, SwissBorg has built the Community App, a mobile app game that allows you to predict, learn and earn Bitcoin.

Introducing innovation to old-fashioned industries requires two things - bold thinking and thorough execution. At SoftwareMill, we’ve had an amazing opportunity to work with the founders who combined both to create SwissBorg.

This Swiss company was started with a mission to reinvent the banking model, and their first step is The SwissBorg Community App that lets you predict, learn and earn bitcoin. SoftwareMill helped Swissborg develop the mobile app's backend but also supported the team with the transition from a small group of in-house engineers to a much larger team.


  • 3 - 5 devs


  • 3 months

Team role

  • Senior Scala Engineer
  • Senior DevOps Engineer


  • Fintech
  • Finance


  • Scala
  • Akka Streams
  • Postgres
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


The SwissBorg Community App is a simulation game for predicting the daily price fluctuations in Bitcoin, where users compete to reach the top ranks. It was conceived as a pre-launch campaign for the showcase upcoming product, the SwissBorg Wealth App.

The goal was to develop the app's backend, mainly in Scala and Akka. What was challenging was that we needed to develop a mechanism to evaluate bids versus the exchange rates and count each player’s score.

At the same time, the app required simultaneous work on all its parts being built from scratch: from its mobile client through an advanced notification system, game engine, up to the identity server, and dedicated libraries.

Technology used

  • #Scala
  • #Akka Streams
  • #Postgres
  • #Docker
  • #Kubernetes

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SoftwareMill prepared two major elements of the app backend: A forecasting module that evaluates bids versus the exchange rates every 24 hours, Calculation module that counts each player’s score.

Additionally, we created an advanced notifications module that sends emails, SMS, and push-notifications to users, notifying them about the result of their latest bids. The system uses advanced AWS integration. Apart from programming, the team engaged in Kubernetes implementation in the project.

We supported the client’s team on-site with knowledge and experience to make the implementation smooth.


The project was delivered on time and without any significant outages in production. Our contribution to the project resulted in high customer satisfaction. The app has reached more than 14 000 (as of May 2019).

It’s a fun, easy-to-use app that lets you predict the price of Bitcoin and earn at zero cost. It’s available on iOS & Android.

Nicolas Rémond
CTO SwissBorg

"SoftwareMill allowed us to fill the gaps, helping us shape the transition from a small group of in-house engineers to a much larger team. SoftwareMill provided us not only with skills that we didn’t possess but with a refreshingly different point of view on specific problems. Their professionalism helped us create a sustainable system that fits our needs. We learned to identify and understand what is required and how to implement the process correctly with excellent test coverage. SoftwareMill’s success is because the team has a clear set of rules to follow, and employees have the skill set necessary to work remotely. Communication and collaboration were easy and fruitful, assuaging all qualms about working with a remote team."

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